About Us

Premium Family Pharmacy is your full-service professional pharmacy in Denton, Texas that offers retail prescription services, specialized customized compounding and a wide range of over the counter remedies.

Our services are centred or based on meeting the needs of our patients. Our pharmacists are readily available to interact with patients, provide needed medications and work with patients and their physicians to maintain a certain standard or quality of health. We do our best to just be there for you in your time of need.

We also strive to provide individualized patient care by preparing patient-specific products through Custom Compounding. Every individual is different and unique, and so too is our health. Because of these differences, we are able to formulate unique dosage forms to meet each patient’s specific need.

Here at Premium Family Pharmacy, our pharmacists are experienced, well-trained and educated in the art of compounding. We are committed to providing you excellent quality products and outstanding customer service every day. We believe in personalized service and you are not just a number in line, you are part of our extended family.

Email: info@premiumfamilyrx.com

We want to be your healthcare resource! You can always count on Premium Family Pharmacy!