We accept most major insurance plans including, Medicare part D, Medicaid and Workman’s comp.

90 Days Mail In Prescriptions Available with:

  • BCTX
  • Medco /Express Script (Part D)
  • Prescription Solution
  • Silver Script
  • Tricare
  • WHI
  • And more!

Premium Family Pharmacy makes each day an opportunity to help you save on medication costs. We provide discount prices on medications to our patients. We supply high quality generic drugs that are less expensive compared to brand name items.

Generic Plans Available:

  • 30-Day Generic Plan
  • 60-Day Generic Plan
  • 90-Day Generic Plan

We offer value-added discounts for thousands of brand name medications! If your insurance does not cover medication costs or if your policy only covers a portion of the medications you need, our 90-Days option may be ideal for you. Read more about it!